Saturday, June 11, 2011


I am such a closet geek, you have no idea. Ok maybe "closet" isn't the right term, but i don't think you'd know i am a geek at first glance. anyway. One of the joys of my life is all this geek crafting going on and I want to be a part of it SO BAD (this cannot be emphasized enough!!!) but I am not quite there yet, so until then I just relish the awesomeness of others. So this post is a dedication to that deep, life long love of the geekery. I am sure there will be other posts like this in the future, since geek craft isn't going anywhere (which is AWESOME)

Comic Book Shoes by VintageKitschMagpie
oh you know i love me some shoe redo and i am still head over heels for my own paper shoes so of course i dig what Magpie did here. FANtastic.


Comic Headbands by Janine Basil
Frickin CUTE. My friend is having a super hero/villain costume party thinks i will need one of these... at least that's what i am telling my husband ;)

Character Aprons!!! By Bethany Sew-&-Sew
Bethany has a wide selection, my favorite of the one's she has here is probably the Wonder Woman but I wonder if she could make me my personal fave: Rogue... hmmmm


HowTo on GeekCraft: Tetris Magnets
This is like the next step of great things to have on your refrigerator, up there with those magnetic word thingies. I will be making these soon :)

Future Gamer T by Poppyseeds
I really love the look of this tee, it incorporates the nostalgia and the more rustic look of materials versus a graphic. 

Hobbit Feet by LoBug Designs
How funny and creative is this? My niece is being read The Hobbit for the first time and her first analysis of the book was that it was funny because the Hobbits have furry feet. I can't help but think she would LOVE these.

Gamer Printable at Giggedy Geekmum

Isn't this fun? Go to the link and getcha one!

Star Wars Shower Tile

WA-HUT?!?! I love it. nothing says dedication quite like permanently adhering tiles to your wall in a mosaic of that which you love, cuz i think we can all agree that's not changing anytime soon.


  1. Holy fabulous comic shoes batman! And I need to bath in that bathtub ~ especially on May the 4th {be with you} Get it? Huh. Just embrace the inner geek... oh and thanks for visiting!

  2. LOL wow can you believe I have actually never heard the twist on May the 4th?? I am totally making that a family holiday now...


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