Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Special: 1930's

Hello again! I know two in one day, craziness! This one is quick. Recently, I wrote/directed/produced/marketed/acted in a Murder Mystery Fundraiser for the local library. WAY TOO MUCH WORK. Learned some lessons. The time period was 1930's so I did a lot of costume research.

I was the Inspector :) Hence looking like Sherlock

I thought I would share the best video tutorials I found on the web for getting a (fairly) easy 1930's look.

For the Hair:

For the Make-up (one doesn't have sound, so no your machine isn't broke)

Halloween Special: Super Princess Costume Idea!

Ok, so...lacking in a child you're going to have to cut me some slack here ;) BUT my brother, who is wonderfully creative, had this idea recently to use the favorite super hero's and princesses in his own made up bed time stories at night. The kiddo's love it! Recently though, I found out an extra goodie about it. My brother got bored of the princesses pretty much being rescued all the time and that was it, so he gave them super powers. LOVE. THIS. So I hopped onto, which has a super hero generator game (check it out it's fun times). It's limited of course but it draws the super hero's way faster than I ever could! So I found out all the info and then made all the princesses. It just now occurred to me that this could be a pretty fantastic Halloween costume! It's a little late for me, maybe next year, BUT I thought I would share none the less.

amphibious (namor/aquaman)

talks to animals

Chameleon changing ability

Poison skin and dwarf minions that make her cool Batman like toys 

The fighter, has guardian spirit capabilities 

Can turn people into frogs

Healer. And that club is the best I could do for a frying pan :) with a holster.

Wind talk

Can turn to sand, has Raja and carpet too

Decided to go more modern, mainly out of bordom AND she is my favorite :)
Thorn skin, can turn people into furniture and she's the brains

You have to admit it's at least more decent than the "hookerized" versions right? You know... for public and all... or for children (have you seen some of those bag costumes??? what the...)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

From This to That, Week 1 and 2

These next few blogs are about the work I have been doing for my Grandma around the house. I have been trying to send pics to family but they aren't always working. So I decided this would be a better venue and might have more success with it here. It's also faster =D

On Grandma's Birthday I took this:

To that:

In the Living Room, I took this:

To that:

In the Guest Bedroom, I took this (sorry abou the pics, old very crappy camera):

To that (so far):

With the Sewing Area, so far, I have taken this:

To that:

And Outside, I have taken this:

To that:

So far, this has cost me about $20 (mainly in paint and dye) and many hours of work :) Hope it encourages you that Grandma's getting cared for. More to come! Love you all <3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meltdown in five....four...three

Well, see, here is the thing....despite my efforts to make sure not everything happened at once, it still did! LOL isn't that life for ya? Yeah I am laughing (a little) now but honestly, it was a really hard week. Not only did stuff I knew was going to happen all happen, but so did a bunch of stuff I certainly didn't expect. Put it all together and you've got good grounds for a grand quality meltdown. Hormones never help either, the darn things. Hence all the neglect of the blog. rather unexpectedly too. And here's the thing, its not coming back anytime soon either because I am still recovering and getting things settled. But I am taking pictures so YAY! eventually posts will come :) I don't think anyone is too worried so I'm not. See ya all again soon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Victorian Tea Centerpiece

A girl from our church had a Victorian Tea fundraiser. Sadly, we didn't have as large a turn out as RSVPs promised, but I thought it sure was a fantastic idea and a lot of fun. One of the things you could do was to volunteer to set up a table and best centerpiece wins a prize. Here was my entry!

Some close ups of the details

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