Friday, August 13, 2010

Because I can't wait any longer!!! I am so exicted....

So here it is! My attempt at a blog, this ought to be fun :) And who am I ? Well, I am a blessed and incredibly proud wife, my husband makes me laugh and teaches me the beauty and wonders of love everyday. I am a inquisitive traveler and insatiable dreamer. I am thoroughly fascinated by a lot of things, anything that saturates the curiosity at the moment really, and life is almost worthless to me without books and the internet since I have become so accustomed to the advantage of looking up the answer to whatever question strikes me at the moment. Creating is another trait I am constantly needing to express and I love the challenge of renewing objects, upcycling or whatever they call it now. Just being cheap and making it work prettily, lets just be honest there. I love God and have a unquenchable desire to find out all I can about the nature of Him. He is pretty amazing and I hope to do His nature justice in my writings. I cannot live without Him, even more so than books and the internet. He is the one thing that has truly made life worth living; I owe everything to Him and He is always there for me.

So in this blog you will find all of these aspects. From crafting to personal discovery to scriptural pondering. The PollyAnna Project is my self-made quest to study scripture. If you have ever seen the movie PollyAnna or read the books then you know of the scene between her and the Pastor. Basically, they claim that there are over 700 verses that say we should rejoice and be glad and hence this is why her father invents the Glad Game. So I wondered if there really is that many verse and what it would be like to find them all, because a verse really should be in context in order for you to get the full value of it. (update! I decided to make this a separate blog since not everyone might be interested in biblical things, but if you are then you should check it out!)

The Tinkers Muse is the crafting section, the spot I intend to fill with whatever random project I happen to complete successfully! It might be my own original thing or it might be that I try out a project and bring your attention to it, in which case I will attribute accordingly. But still awesomeness should be noticed! So I like to discover and share the cool creative thing out there, maybe with my own twist, as you'll see.

Speaking of discoveries, as I said, I find a lot of things interesting so don't be surprised to find a random blog about something that has very little do with either crafting/creating or gladness. There's way too much out there to be silly and limit oneself! So really....Welcome to my Mind :)
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