Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Cat Toys

Get this:

From this:

Pretty easy! All it took was this: 

Yay for fancy duct tape! 

So if you're a cat owner you know that they will play with a box whether it's fancy or not, but if you're like me then you want your living room to not look like a trash heap. In comes the duct tape.

Take a mailing box or other not so deep box and cut some holes in the top big enough to fit some little kitty toy balls.

Add the duct tape.

And the balls

Ta da! Ok actually I did this one second and so was out of tape. This other guy took up all my tape!

But kitty thoroughly enjoys it :) So$3 for the fancy tape? a $1 for a bag of kitty toy balls form the dollar store? Not too bad.

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