Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shoe Redo #2

I've never seen this done so let's see what happens! Take some Shoes...

Use a water resistant or water proof collage glue...
and cover the shoes with glue and bits of paper from an
old book of your choice. Let set for 24 hours.
Once shoe is covered, do two more layers of glue, letting them dry
24 hours each time (i know, it's a long time to wait but it's paper and
i figured you couldn't be too water proof here.) THEN stuff shoe with
newspaper, and spray with a clear coat. Why not :)

Once they've dried overnight from that, rock 'em!

Get some compliments....

Feel generally accomplished...

...and maybe even brag a little :)



  1. hey neat! did you spray paint the gold strap?

  2. actually i hand painted it with paint you get for model toys. so far that's working better than the spray paint i used on another pair of shoes...

  3. super cute. I need to get brave and try this - I have a pair of shoes that are so comfy but not 'in' anymore - I need to jazz them up!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I liked the shoes before you did anything to them but they are so adorable now. How are they holding up?
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. I've got a pair similar that would be so cute doing this technique to. I am wondering same as Traci how they are holding up now that you have been wearing them?

  6. I have only worn them a couple of times so far (been doing a lot of gardening chores) but nothing has changed a bit about them! No cracks, bubbles, peeling, nothing. They look great with a pair of slacks too :)

  7. as an update, i wore them to a bbq yesterday for about 5 hours and they did get a small crack in the expected places, in the bend at the ball of the foot, since there is a lot of movement there. But i think more glue, maybe some amazing goop, would remedy that easily. Otherwise, they help up great!


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