Tuesday, June 21, 2011

new direction....well any direction at all

Have you ever had that moment when you were just going a long and realized, "AH! This is what's important! THIS is what I want to do with my life/hair/job/other-random-situation" Wonderful right? And also rather daunting when you realize that you've kinda been floating in this sea and now your like, "wait the boat needs to be over there, turn this mutha-effa around!" if nothing else confusing to those watching you drive your ship so sporadically.


i digress.

my point is, i know what i want out of my crafting, which maybe will lead to more direction with this blog. This past year has not been one that is perfect for starting a blog really. Getting married, moving like....a million times... and switching jobs etc. I just threw on here what I could!! I dunno, really, it's a hobby and a creative outlet, not my ultimate calling. That doesn't change the fact that i feel very strongly about a lifestyle and don't mind sharing about it though. its not just about creating, its about living mindfully. I cannot afford to be organic but I can afford to use every scrap of junk I have to make something before I just go and buy it. My skills need to improve....like a lot...but hey the less waste the better, I say. "Waste not want not" and all that. And believe me, its hard to keep to that when you're switching states and jobs and communities. But now things have settled down and i we find ourselves not just surviving but going back to what we loved.

So from here on out, this blog is not just about something shiny I got distracted by and decided to make; it'll be about our dedication to living a life less wasteful, less expensive and less toxic. I may even change the name (holy crap!) and look, whatever, I am awfully invigorated by this new focus. Happy Summer to you all, i look forward to it =D

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