Friday, June 10, 2011

Entry Door Make-Over

Hello All! My in-laws came to see the play we were in and before they got here I realized that I had a few things left to do make our little basement apartment complete.  One of them was the entry way door. 

The window of the door looks right into the hall way, which has the entry of the bathroom just to the right there and our bedroom at the end. The other wonderful thing is that the Front door is just at the top of the stairs so anyone coming in could potentially see me running naked from the bathroom to the bedroom because i forgot...i dunno...something...make it up i don't care! Ok maybe it would never happen but you get the point! It could and's awkward. I have been using a scarf, did hte trick of covering the window but didn't look very good at all. 

The sign I wanted to keep there because my cousin gave it to me as a housewarming gift and it's got a very sweet saying.

A while back though, I found a big ol' piece of burlap that just begged to be used for something like this. 

In retrospect, I would have spent more time measuring and planning but with it being the week of the play and dress rehearsals, i was really anxious and short on time.  Sooooo i winged it and just started drawing the letters.

Like that yellow nail polish? for the play lol

 Of course, it was off center so i added a little something at the beginning to even it out...

 Which, it turned out, didn't even matter because this is how the door framed it anyway:

 I should probably iron it.... but it looks better than the scarf! yay!


  1. Good job! I agree the sign is very touching but why not transfer the wordings onto the burlap and place the frame at the entry or family area! Then, both of them will be perfect! Love,PC

  2. I'm L-O-V-I-N-G the burlap!! There is something just so organically beautiful about it. I am making burlap pillows and one of my friends asked, "Why would you use BURLAP?! It's so scratchy!" I dunno, it just makes everything so natural and earthy. I love it, scratchiness and all!! GREAT JOB!!!

  3. Looks great!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Hope you have a great weekend!


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