Friday, December 17, 2010

Well maybe I WILL

Scott and I are staying at my cousins till we figure out where we settle down etc. Her roomie said rent could be paid in meals. We are on week two and guess what....they think I should open a restaurant :) I am so flattered!! It's pretty awesome =D

So we were picking out meals for next week and everyone felt like nachos. I LOVE nachos. I do not love plastic cheese. So thanks to google i have discovered a very nifty blog called "How To Cook Like Your Grandmother: A Guide to Cooking with Real Food the Way Your Grandma Used To." Fo realz!?! That's like....exactly what I want to do! So here's a preview of my future adventures in cooking this week:

Also on the menu, Mushroom and Brie Soup. I will probably wing this one. Add some sherry, that kind of thing. Nom.


  1. Great site--thanks for the link, maybe I'll try to cook something this week... Have a great holiday !

  2. Oh you really should cook something, but make it fun :) you don't need anymore stress during the holidays! Enjoy!


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