Monday, December 27, 2010

One Word

December 1 - One Word.
Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?

The first word that came to my mind was "Hope" and I had to think about it a little before I even knew the extent of  why that word is so descriptive for 2010. So much happened! I probably won't even remember it all if I list it. The DIY wedding, moving five times,  money concerns, job changes, family matters, family health matters... I suppose 2010 will be remembered as a year of change, transition, but within all of that commotion you have to have something to hold on to or you'll just get washed away by it all. It's the hope for something better, maybe, or the hope that things are not as out of control as they seem. That it's all, in someway, Ok. Maybe you know why, maybe you don't, but knowing is the key to it. The faith that feeds the hope and vice versa. Its hard to have one without the other.

I hope (there's that word again) that in 2011 the word will be Growth. I was going to say "fulfillment" like the fulfillment of a promise you're hoping for, but I think even progress towards fulfillment of a promise would be enough for me :) And Change is different that Growth. Growth means you have a place to take root, it means you've found a foundation and you're settling in, getting a process going. I could go for that!

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