Friday, December 17, 2010

Amy who?

I am sure I am way behind on the times here but you really can't fault me toooooo much, I am bad with names! and i forget things unless i write them down... yeah, this is why i have gadgets to help me. trees were being sacrificed to my lack of capacity to recall things.


Amy Sedaris, have you heard of her? I have heard her name dropped in crafty podcasts and I always think, as I am driving, gee i should look her up, whoever she is. Then the subject changes on the podcast or i get home or the wind blows west instead of east and i forget. BUT NO LONGER! (thank you, Steven Colbert, btw) See, its kind of a big deal. And it was totally a "Oh heeeeeerrr" moment. I was not expecting that. And it makes me want to buy her books! If they're as funny as her blog is so far, I think this is right up my ally :) Her latest one is Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People but she's also got I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. I wonder if its at the library.....hmmm......

So i just had to share my little discovery :) At least this time it wasn't years later like with Handmade Nation.... :) yay me!

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