Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Bra Purse: A Humorous Christmas Story

First, I have to say, my poor husband was definitely dealing with an estrogen explosion this night. Lucky for him the Wii was there to help him survive it.

Our friend and current roomie needed a gag gift for her company party gift exchange, and she needed it asap since her original idea rather fell apart. Twizzlers and hot glue don't mix so well I guess.  Lucky for her, there were about six females total in the room! Give us 10 seconds and we have a creative idea you can make in about as long as it took to think it up! Inside reports say that significant embarrassment was induced.

Step One: You need a Bra, the flashier the better, although if you have enough craft supplies flashiness is easily achieved through alternate routes.

Step Two: Align the two cups together, make sure the straps aren't all wonky and tucking the material that goes around the rib cage into the cups. Glue the cups together along the edges. We used hot glue but a good fabric glue would be just fine.

Step Three: Once the glue has dried, align the material you tucked into the cups (which are now, for all intents and purposes, the exterior of the purse) and glue together to make a handy pocket.

Step Four: Embellish with glitter or rhinestones. or feathers. or any other flamboyantly appropriate item. tassels maybe.  this is not a time to hold back your creativity! have at it!

Step Five: Have your lovely assistant pose for documentation of the fun.
Step Seven: Fill the purse with other embarrassing items, such as fake breast enhancement pills (take a medicine bottle, change the label, fill with MnM's for the "pills") or a breast enhancement cream (pretty much the same idea, just with lotion).

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