Friday, December 3, 2010

Adventures in Moving

The hubby and I just moved from the central coast to lovely eastern Oregon/ western Idaho. Ugh. It took EIGHTEEN AND A HALF HOURS but you know what made it bearable? The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero. It's like 500 pages long and we about went hoarse reading it for that long but so far its pretty fun. Thanks to my sister-in-law for that awesome idea, otherwise we might have been a Donner party sequel or something! 

Part of our transition across such a distance includes staying with my cousin and her friend until we figure out where we wanna park ourselves long term. Our "rent" is to cook tasty meals and you know I am all for tasty meals. So on Wednesday night, in honor of the snow day, we made stew. Total win. However,  I don't think I will post the recipe because if you know anything about stew you know it's just a bunch of whatever thrown together. Just make it chunky pieces. This is what makes it stew. If the pieces are small then it's soup. Just ask my mom. 

I wonder if my mom knows that I include her in so many of my blogs.... think I'll start tagging her...


Tonight, my cousin and I made Loaded Baked Potato soup, which was actually a recipe from Pampered Chef. I made one change though and I thought I would mention it because....'tis the season for left over mashed potatoes. Which we had. So I added them to the soup and it made for more creamy awesome! Yay! so... that's my cooking tip of the week. I know it's not much but...I just moved from one state to another and I don't really care :P HA! In fact, you might have to continue to suffer for an unknown period of time considering ALL of my crafting supplies are in storage right now. Fortunately, my cousin is going to show me how to use her looming stuff so I don't think I will go completely crazy :) yet.....mwahahahahaha

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