Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scrappy Scarf

I know, third blog of the day can you tell I have no job?! :) It's ok, I'm still productive. In fact, I have evidence of this! Despite my craft stuff all being in storage, I still managed to make something. Just goes to show you can't keep a good crafter down.
You see this? This is a bunch of scraps from a friends No Sew Blanket project. The kit she bought was wonky, one blanket was much larger than the other, and so she had to do a lot of clipping to get it to work properly. Hence, extra fluffy flannel material! I couldn't just...get rid of it. Its against a code or something, isn't it? I am sure I read this somewhere. All the pieces were about and inch wide and anywhere from an 1 1/2 to 3 inches long so I just did what you do with the blanket kit they came from: I tied them in knots. I worked from the middle, so that it came out equal on both sides and just kind of went until it was long enough to be called a scarf. It was kind of like two knot chains that joined together in the middle on occasion so it could be one big chain. I should have done a video. or taken more pictures. Still learning this whole "tutorial" thing...but it was a pretty easy concept! Anyways, once it was done it looked like this:
Cute huh!? Ok, so it was a lot cuter than I expected it to be, but i wore it today and got compliments on it. By my grandma. And you know you better not say my grandma is wrong! Yeah...you heard me.... :)


  1. Visiting from Ana's Friday Archive Dive
    Your scarf is wonderful and you "go girl"
    some days we have more to share than others...I get that ;)
    fa la la

  2. Thanks Patty! Glad to know someone out there understands :)

  3. sewing scraps really do pile up quickly huh? i had a garbage bag full a few years ago, and i saved it for a number of months but just couldn't see myself throwing it out. i ended up donating it to a school for craft supplies. but have you seen some of the old quilts made by hand, from the tiniest of scraps? from a time when fabric was not so easy to come by!

    i like what you've done with the scraps here. great use! thanks for sharing, amanda!


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