Monday, November 28, 2011

Grandma's New Guest Room

My aunt, who was living with us upstairs, as recently moved to Florida. So the guest bedroom is becoming a guest bedroom once again. This has been a pretty big task and it's about 3/4 of the way there.

Maybe even 7/8.

Basically everything is done BUT the crafting table part. This transference has been pretty exhausting for me emotionally for some reason. I mean...I really liked my little setup downstairs and it took me a lot of thought and planning to get it that way. Thats just how small spaces are. And now I am doing it all over again, as well as trying to incorporate Grandma's needs/stuff into it. One thing I need to realize is that no amount of planning is going to get an A+ from Grandma. There is going to be something that should have gone here or there, etc. So I will just do what I can. Meanwhile, here is how the rest of the room looks. Not bad for using nothing but stuff she already had and a few bucks for paint and dye. I know I already posted some of these pics but... this is as finished as I am going to make it. And it feels good to have it done. Pictures don't do the feeling in the room justice though, so that's too bad.

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