Friday, November 4, 2011

Turkey, Brie and Apple Tea Sandwiches

Going to a tea? Try this combo! It got a lot of compliments, much tastier than the cucumber on rye sort (which seem to be quite dry, honestly) Recipe is at the end!

Turkey, Brie and Apple Tea Sandwhiches

White Bread
Turkey (I used deli because I was on a budget but I think it would be more divine with higher quality)
Apples (I used green, for a bite :) but to each their own)
Sour Cream

You're gonna hate me but I didn't measure. Sorry. I was in a HUGE hurry! I was really late AND other people were trying to use the kitchen. Which is tiny. It was pretty fantastic. Besides, if i told you the actual measurements you would be making enough for 30 people! If you ARE making it for that many then it took about a half loaf of bread, 2.5 apples, a log Brie which could have been less honestly, and a packages of turkey.

The Spread: I melted down the brie and then added honey and mustard to taste. To cut the brieness (because it was overwhelming the apple and turkey) I added the sour cream, gradually, which made a LOT more spread than needed, so obviously could have started with half the amount there. Yes, I used the rind because it was this baby brie log thing, it said you could just eat the rind. I dunno. I would have cut it.

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