Monday, November 14, 2011

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall for Grandma

As you know, it's my job to take care of my very lovely grandma.  She is pretty amazing. And as I am sure most of you can attest, family have their "things" such as certain foods they all grew up (Aunt Linda's Sourdough Biscuits, Grandma's Beans, my Mom's Roast Ribs) with or certain made-up/augmented holidays (like St. Crispin's Day...yeah I'll tell ya later...). One particular staple everyone on my mom's side of the family grew up seeing was my grandmother's picture board. At the top of it was the senior photo of every one of her 11 children and then it progressed down to more recent pictures accumulated through the years showing the family tree growing on into grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. Grandma is going to be 90 this year and she'll tell you herself that her hands don't work like they used to. Tacks are out of the question, especially with her blood thinners. Wouldn't it be nice if she could use magnets instead? And wouldn't it be nice if she didn't have to reach up so high to put up those pictures? And she needs the chalk board handy too....

Wait whoa what?! there's a crafting need??? like i'm not gonna take that on. A plan was born. let the make-over begin.

{Grandma's Photo Wall}

Just the magnetic primer so far

Putting up the Senior Pictures of her eleven children at the top

Button Tacks

Twine for clipping the photos to, like clothes on a line

Fun Magnets

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  1. Wow this is awesome! I love it! I didn't know that they made magnetic primer! This is seriously really great :)

    If Work Permits


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