Thursday, November 17, 2011

A T-Wrecks Tote Bag

My nephew is two and a half year old walking demolition derby. 

It is super cute. He just destroys stuff, smiling all the way. It's his way of exploring :) But look! He helps clean up after!

Anyway, I found this tote bag and thought it would be fun to personalize it for the little guy. Well...more like for his Daddy. 

 Pure. Love. 

His sweetness just glows from him, doesn't it? I don't know how anyone could ever want to neglect or harm a child, ever. But we won't get started down that road. Just know that if you knew the story here, you would think this was beautiful too and you would value how special this love is. Its worth fighting for.

*sigh* bag...

Again with the free hand drawing. Fabric pens. 

Google a T-Rex Silhouette. Download. Size. Print.

Fabric Glue. 

Decided solid was too....solid. Drew some stripes on there with the fabric pen.  And I wrote T-Wrecks with fabric pen too. And...done. 

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