Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wall Folder for the Hubby

Our room is on the smaller side. Our bed (a hand me down) is on the bigger side. So it's jammed in a corner and my husband doesn't really have an end table. The catch-all on the dresser gets just about everything, but he likes to keep his phone by him as his alarm clock and then his glasses need a home too. At first, I had this really cute little shelf with molding and such...but then I thought about how he doesn't always full wake up (he's a hard sleeper) and how that could equal him bonking his head :( I decided sharp corners was a bad call. Then...I found this: 

 Yay PeeChee! Our room is blue/yellow/grey/b&W. And Hubby loves sports. So. 
I put the Folder inside out and folded one side like so:

I took some gorilla glue and glued the sides and corners

Clamped it down with paper clips. 

Let it dry overnight or whatever...

And then tacked it to the wall!


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