Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long Distance Birthday Cake

It's my birthday!!! Yay for 30 years of life. It's not so bad as I thought. I have been thinking about turning 30 for two years, not even kidding. It has been so bad that i started saying i was 30 even when i wasn't. But now I will be right! that's a load off.

We recently moved a state away from our families (well the parents and some siblings) and so this is the first birthday away in a long while. I have to give it to my inlaws, they are "gifters." IIIIIIII am NOT. My family hasn't done gifts for about five years, basically the coming of the first grandchild. We all agreed we didn't have enough money to get everyone gifts for the holidays so gifts for the kids was ok but nothing more than well-wishes was expected. So guess who has really sucked at this whole long distance gifting thing? ME. But I am determined to learn a "new language" so to speak and become a gifter. Hopefully in time for the holidays. 

All this to say: ISN'T THIS CUTE?!?

They sent me a birthday cake! Well, they sent me everything to make it :) including the gluten free cake mix! NOM. The candles came from Grandma, along with an apron and oven mit. The mix and frosting were inside the pan (still not sure how they did that AND kept the paper on the outside, still glued to the pan. Magic.) and it was just all very fun :) If you read this: THANKS BUNCHES!!

I got other gifts and well wishes of course (yellow Chuck Taylors from my hubby TOTALLY made my day!!) but i thought this was the kind of creative idea others could find handy for their long distance loved ones. Have a great day!

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