Friday, August 26, 2011

Fry-Day! Eggplant Fries and Fried Chicken Tacos

Some neighbors gave us a bunch of eggplant. I am not against eggplants but I don't love it either. Still, waste not want not, I needed to figure out a way to use this stuff without getting to sick of it. On pinterest (DON'T YOU FREAKING LOVE PINTEREST?!?!) I saw this recipe for Eggplant Fries by Use Real Butter.

Hers look a WHOLE lot better than mine, but never mind that. I have never fried anything in oil before /shrug. So I am ok with it, they tasted very nummy and that's what matter more! Because that means someone besides Grandma will be eating them! (I made mine gluten free using GF flour.)

Seemed like such a waste to not use the oil and the seasoning up completely (Grandma is rubbing off on me) so since some chicken was thawed out in the fridge, I broke an egg in a plate to use to coat the chicken in and then seasoned and fried that up too. 

Well heck, while I am at it, why not fry some corm tortillas?

Chop up some tequila peppers and green onions, add some mango salsa and you've got some tasty tasty tacos! I did fish sticks for Grandma though, it's fish friday after all. 

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