Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

"Last year I made a New Year's Resolution not to eat so much ice cream in bed. I think I did a pretty good job of that." -My husband 01/01/11 morning (it should be noted he never ate ice cream in bed, let alone made it a habit)
I don't think this is what people are generally going for when making resolutions :) but this is how they usually turnout right? i dunno, i make resolutions all year long, especially when I make a mistake multiple times and don't want to make it again, so i don't generally make the first of the year a ritualized endeavor at major life change. Why do tomorrow what you can do today, right? However, I thought I'd offer some peachy keen sources for others to go about making a change in their lives, should they desire to! 

1) Try subscribing to Scoutie Girl's free program. Not only is the website nifty and a great resource, the program is well done.

2) Stuck on what to resolve to do? Check out the The Happiness Project blog for some good ideas. Or heck, sign up for their 2011 Happiness Challenge. I'm thinking about it right now.... oh look at me, i did it!

3) And last but not least (because this list is immense and it would just be pointless repetition on my part to go through it all and say it again here) scan this list on Reverb10's site and see if anything inspires you. I have been enjoying their 2010 reflection prompts quite a bit!

hehehe! i love that crazy kid. OoOo! Resolution number one: Be more like Hobbes when encountering a Calvin. I think I shall have to study up on just how to do that by examining the original texts, what about you? Have a great year!


  1. ah, i love calvin and hobbes! such great advice, "be more like hobbes when encountering a calvin!" brilliant.

    happy new year!

  2. i like your husband's resolution. it's the kind i would make :)

  3. Thanks ana! :) Happy New Year to you too! clearlytangled, isn't he funny? i need to include more of his quotes...

  4. visiting from Ana's friday archive dive
    great post and I do agree ;)
    I am a Scrabble tile collector ... so I am enjoying your super message as well


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