Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Bathroom Makeover! How To: Cover Mini Milk Crates

I've had these mini milk crate things for years. I think maybe 5.

They got me through college :) and now they are a pretty perfect fit for the shelf that was left in the bathroom but they are kinda ugly. And not in my vision for the motif at all. So I decided they get a make over. To do this, I gathered up:
I had three containers, so I chose three complimenting fabrics. I have already used one of these fabrics to mat a picture for the bathroom as well. I measured the boxes height, added an inch for folding over the top edge, and then cut enough to wrap around the box entirely.

Then, using the Loctite glue, I glued the beginning of the strip to one side of the crate.

(By the way, you're not going crazy, I took different pictures with the different fabrics.) I let this dry for 30 min. or so. I then wrapped the crate with the rest of the fabric and glued the other edge down. I then tucked the remaining fabric down over the top edge of the crate, gluing it to the inside. This was trickier, I really wish I had thought to get clothespins the other day! The only problem with the Loctite glue is that it takes a while to dry, so I had to use what I had to hold it down: masking tape. Yeah.... not ideal. But it worked! And that's what matters.

As this was drying, I made my stencils. First, I looked up the images online, then using scrap paper, I drew them with the marker, making sure the silhouettes were solid enough to be cut out of fabric without too much trouble. You can probably achieve this exact goal by simply printing something out, but I don't have a printer right now (it's in storage). Then I took the paper, placed fabric glue on the back, placed it on the backside of the fabric I wanted to cut out, and let it dry. Once it dried, I cut out the stencil/fabric.

Sorry the picture's aren't so hot. I used my cell phone :P. Hey, I am excited and wanted to get it going! Well, that and I was doing this on Grandma's floor, chatting with her while she crocheted. I didn't want it to be in her way too long.

Next, I glued these cut outs onto the crates, and they looked like this:

YAY! I love 'em. And here they are on the shelf, OoooOoooooooo

More to come! The bathroom is almost done and I cannot wait to show you :) Till next time!

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