Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Blank Canvas that is my living space

Ok, i'll be honest, I don't know what to call it. Is it an apartment? a basement? a living space? meh... the point is it's mine and I have waited too long to let this moment go to waste! This potential will not be squandered! And by golly I will fit as much of my things in this area as possible without it looking cluttered and crazy. It will be functional and pretty. yay!

However, right now, it looks like this:

It's in a basement so the windows are kind of throwing me off... but that's ok, I'll figure it out. Those curtains are going though, I can tell you that right now. If it wasn't raining all weekend, I'd have some more furniture coming in, which would be helpful, but for now I have to be content to dream.....hmmmmmm.....oh and plan!!! Yeah, let me quote fieldstone hill here and say,  

"By creating a vision for my space, I can begin to prioritize and get creative with my purchases and projects."

I have given this some thought before, when Scott and I were engaged and we had to register for stuff. We didn't get a lot of things, more like a lot of gift cards, and we were cool with that because we like recycling and thrifting! It was perfect. Still. It's been 7 months and, I won't bore you with the details but this is the first time all (well, like 80%) of our things will be in one spot TOGETHER. Not just our bed and clothing. Our stuff. This is what we call a moment. And this is why I am excited. And it's not the biggest space ever, but that's fine. To me that just means being very intentional about what the vision is. 

We don't have a lot of money to blow and I don't like to waste anything either so that's another reasons to get things straight before I walk into a store. Again, I'm going to refer you to a woman who has already put it together in words so perfectly at fieldstone hill, Darlene. (Hey, when they say it so well, why try to one up?) I couldn't agree more with her outlook and advice on vision.

Soon, I'll have some things to show about bathroom =D And if can figure out how, I'll put together some kind of vision board and share that too. Till next time!

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