Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Making Over: The "Kitchen"

Ok so we technically don't HAVE a kitchen, but we miss having one so we are making one. A mini one. It's very european of us! That's it, lets make this sound super classy...

Anyway, since I don't have counters yet, I decided to make over this metal...wall...thingy... what's this thing even called? seriously. I dunno but it's cute, i like the industrial look.  It used to hold a junk drawer assortment of crap. Now, it's life will be more meaningful as a container for silverware. 

To make the labels a little more fun, I decorated them. It's nothing that takes a tutorial, it's pieces of card stock paper cut to dimensions that will fit the slot. Then decorated in the colors I am using for the "kitchen."

I put the napkins in with the knives because the kitten would shred them if they are lower. 
So now they are knapkins (HA! because of the "k" label on the box, get it??oh I chuckle to myself...)

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