Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I don't have Resolutions photo so you get a kitten.
A kitten staring into the light of the great unknown world ahead. ..Oooo Nice tie in!
I'm gonna pretend that was on purpose. Yay for new beginnings!

January is almost gone, how are those resolutions working out for you? I am weird about resolutions, i tend to make them all the time. I am a very resolute person :P but I can see the benefit of January, can't you? The binge eating, the massive influx of social pressures and the loss of time to just balance your life in general. Utter chaos has reigned, finally culminating in an late or may be all-nighter of typically over-board bad choices.  Ta da! The year is new, you're a sack of toxins and ready to cleanse! Or something like that. Mostly, it's time to scale it back a bit, get some order in the daily life. Ironically, we do this by making promises to ourselves we likely can't keep. It's the endorphins kicking in. NEW!!!! YAY!!!!!

I am not saying I didn't make resolutions, but I kinda made them back in November. Still, i cut myself some slack for the holidays. There is no way anyone thinks a diet is going to work then. Maybe crazy people. And this is the first time I have gone on a "weight loss" diet. I have made healthy changes before, cleansed, gone off gluten and sugar and those sorts of things but that was because it was kinda killing me not  to do that. This is because I have gained fat LOL like I am technically 50 pounds over weight.

*Brief Random Rant*
Does anyone else think that BMI's need to be punched in the face? Because it says I should be 155 and there is no way that is happening. I was that on a good day in high school! When I was 165 people didn't know where I would lose the weight from. I'd look anorexic. So yeah. We are going to just ignore the BMI thing.

*Brief Random Rant Ended*

I'll tell you what I do like though. Weight Watchers. Yeah, Jennifer Hudson sold me. It's the last name. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!!!! Actually, my brother and sister-in-law did it and really liked it so I thought I'd give it a shot. I am on week three and have no complaints, in fact I am really loving it. See, when we moved up here, the veggie were not as yummy...that I stopped eating them. And that didn't help the weight I had already put on but it also just developed this bad habit of not eating veggies and fruit. One of the things that has just taken off for me is that. Something about them being zero points, its like I can eat them forever and it won't matter! I polished off a Costco bag of sugar snap peas in 2 days. yeah. for realz. It's so much better. I have lost (wait for it) 1/2 a pound. meh. BUT my waist has gone down 2 inches so something is happening. And I feel better, like a lot. So that makes me happy. And my brother says its a slow start sort of thing, so don't get discouraged.

I have also been working out. Last year my husband agreed to let me invest in a Wii Fit. We didn't even have a Wii and we are kinda not rich but we got a good set up used. Its one of those "invest in your health" decisions. Then the TV broke and we had to get a new one of those too. BAH! So this all started back in October and it wasn't until January that I even got around to using it for more that 10 min at a time. Now I have been making sure I hit 30 min and am working up to more. It's good to feel the body getting stronger again.

And now the third one. Taking a time out. I like this one the most I think but it's going to be hard to stick to. Still. I think it will be worth it. I hope your resolutions are going as well!

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