Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upcycle: Glasses Frames

By the by... If you google "Brunette with Glasses" for ideas on what color frames might be an option with your hair color, you find out you have the potential to be the center of a sexy librarian/boss/teacher fantasy pretty much just by wearing black rimmed glasses with your brunette. And who doesn't want that (she said with all the sarcasm in her vocal cords could muster in one tone)

Ok, I admit looking "hot" would be a bonus, womanizing not withstanding. According to the husband though, I don't need to do anything to accomplish that. So really I just want my glasses to look nice on my face and I am bored with the shiny metal look of my frames. And I don't have $150 bucks for some new ones....what to do what to do...

Oh right, paint them. 

Kyla Roma had a lovely tutorial on this at her site (check it). However, I do not trust my "steady hand" so I kinda wrapped the glass part with masking tape to protect it, like so:

Initially, I tried gold model paint mixed with a dark brown acrylic but it really looked crappy kinda chunky and stuff. Plus it was still metallic which was part of what I was avoiding. Oh and it didn't stand out from all my brown. I wanted them to pop a little...

SO Navy Blue won :)

You can see the blue better in this one :) I look classy with my crazy hair recently attacked by a kitten! He likes french braids.

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