Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Upcycled: Glitter Flats

I saw these on pinterest by We're Not Martha.

Pretty cute!! She (Sues) has a perfect tutorial, which I followed to the T (for once) and got these fantastic flats for myself. Just in time for my vacation too. Quite exciting.

I had some black leather flats that were...oh... four years old now? Jeepers! They were starting to peel and look not so good. And I don't have any brownish flats so I decided to go with gold. It helped that I had some old gold glitter (partial bottles) from the thrift store just waiting to be used. It was the nice, not yellow-y kind too. I hate greatly dislike the super yellow-y kind.

They are coming with me to California to be worn in the spirit of the season.

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  1. Those are awesome! I need to try this out! I think I have some old flats somewhere... :)

    If Work Permits


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