Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank Goodness...Thank You's are DONE

We got married in June of 2010. I had the lovely idea, at the time, of hand stamping the thank you's. And then we went to a  family reunion 12 hours away and moved in the same week,  went on our honeymoon in Hawaii, moved again a month later, moved AGAIN two months later (this time out of state) and oh yeah...moved again a month later. Now you know why I never want to move ever again! This is also why the Thank You's have taken so long. Little by little, we've worked away at them. They've been addressed, we've written our personal notes, and still they were just a blank white on one side. Well, dear friends, no longer!

Yeah...I was going to try to work in a photo and some other fancies but...at this point...simple seemed sooo appealing! Ironically it has now been so long i need to include an update letter! Well... not need but I'd like to. So I still need to do that and then they can get sent. 

Look at that fat stack!!!  Isn't it a splendid reminder of how much we have to be thankful for? yay! <3

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