Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meltdown in five....four...three

Well, see, here is the thing....despite my efforts to make sure not everything happened at once, it still did! LOL isn't that life for ya? Yeah I am laughing (a little) now but honestly, it was a really hard week. Not only did stuff I knew was going to happen all happen, but so did a bunch of stuff I certainly didn't expect. Put it all together and you've got good grounds for a grand quality meltdown. Hormones never help either, the darn things. Hence all the neglect of the blog. rather unexpectedly too. And here's the thing, its not coming back anytime soon either because I am still recovering and getting things settled. But I am taking pictures so YAY! eventually posts will come :) I don't think anyone is too worried so I'm not. See ya all again soon!

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