Saturday, October 15, 2011

From This to That, Week 1 and 2

These next few blogs are about the work I have been doing for my Grandma around the house. I have been trying to send pics to family but they aren't always working. So I decided this would be a better venue and might have more success with it here. It's also faster =D

On Grandma's Birthday I took this:

To that:

In the Living Room, I took this:

To that:

In the Guest Bedroom, I took this (sorry abou the pics, old very crappy camera):

To that (so far):

With the Sewing Area, so far, I have taken this:

To that:

And Outside, I have taken this:

To that:

So far, this has cost me about $20 (mainly in paint and dye) and many hours of work :) Hope it encourages you that Grandma's getting cared for. More to come! Love you all <3

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