Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fairy Beach House

My niece loves fairies (huge fan of Tinkerbell). So when it came time to make over her room, her mommy got the coolest idea: Everyone in the family make a "fairy hom" for the village in her room! They are in the military, everyone is states away, so my Sis-In-Law very lovingly goes the extra mile to come up with ways to keep family close. We went hog wild and lots of fun :) My Dad made a library (or rather Mom made it for him LOL he's not the crafty type) to show his love of books. My brother's had old computer bits attached to it. Sis-in-Law made a luau house. I thought I had more pics of us making them but this seems to be all that survived. I do recall that i used a grey foam block that i hollowed out to look like a little cave and then glued everything to. That worked pretty well :)  so I hope you enjoy the pics and get some fun inspiration!

So here is my "Beach House" (my fairy apparently likes to go to the beach and paint :) I can't blame her...)

The rest of the families and the grand setup:

Hard to see but I swear there are wires and draw bridge made of computer chips.

The Library

Complete with Globe

One Happy Princess :) 


  1. I saw these when I was there, just too cute!

  2. Adorable! My niece is totally into the fairy stuff so this would be right up her alley so to speak!


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