Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Grandma with Love

I think between the rain and allergies, my sinuses have decided to just burst into a migraine. But migraine aside... I have a sweet Mother's Day story to get you into the spirit! A few weeks ago, one of my younger cousins had her prom and in preparation for the big day a few of us were going over jewelery options. Her dress being green, my grandma offered one of her necklaces to wear. And so it was that we found out about her favorite necklace....

pay no attention to the DMV mail in the background LOL
She learned she never wears the necklace anymore, her fingers cannot handle the hook clasp, but that she used to wear it all of the time. So whilst driving one cousin back to her house my other cousin (I have a LOT of them, get used to seeing "cousin" lol) has the grand idea of fixing up the necklace with a magnetic clasp for Mother's Day. I added that I was pretty sure I had some stones to replace the ones missing in the necklace.

A conspiracy was born.

the oh-so-elaborate tools...

I had EXACTLY the right amount, how telling is that??

Now it just needs a magnetic clasp

Really hope she loves it :)

So what are YOU doing for your mommy-figure in your life?? 
(i still have to figure out something for my mom so ideas are welcome! ha!)

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