Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Shoe Redo

personally, i LOVED the grosgrain shoe redo and shoe sugar month stuff. if you haven't seen it yet you really ought to because I am severely jealous of her shoe creativity. with spring pretty much... I am excited to wear something other than boots. A vast majority of the shoes i have are multiple years of age and yet still completely wearable. seeing grosgrain's shoes made me realize i had options other than shop for new shoes. don't get me wrong, i like shoes shopping but lately...i dunno...not lovin any of the shoes out least not the ones in my price range. so i'm giving this shoe make over thing a go, hopefully not too many shoes are sacrificed needlessly in the process. At least if they are I won't feel too bad, they gave me some good years already!

since i have been under the weather (a LOT) my stamina is minimal at best. So i started small. I had these brown mocasins (which you will not see an original picture of, here's why:) which i decided to dye green on a whim. Not entirely on a whim, really, originally i was thinking orange but then when i was dying a dress RIT's kelly green i thought, "Green is so much more spring" and tossed them in. TA DA!

(yeah not amazing, you don't have to clap if you don't want, the shows not over yet) ok, the next thing i did was pick out two flowers i had left over from the wedding centerpieces.

I detached them from their stems and placed glue on the back of them and some on the shoe in the area i wanted to stick them. (that's amazing goop, the water proof craft kind. i've never used it, we'll see how it goes)

I used clothes pins to hold the flowers to the shoe.

Aaaaaand a good sized fairytales book to really get some coverage...

24 hours later, I gave them a try. I have to say, they're pretty cute :)



  1. Cute idea! I may have to try this. Have the flowers stayed on pretty well? What kind of glue did you use?


  2. They have! one of the little pearls came off but i have another :) The glue I used was "Amazing Goop: Craft" (its the purple one) I used that because it's water proof and designed to be flexible with fabric as well. That way i could do more than a dab and still have it bend with my foot.


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