Sunday, September 5, 2010

Straining Infused Olive Oil

So! Short but nifty trick. Another wedding project I took on was infusing the olive oil. When I researched it, I found short ways and long ways. Since I didn't have time for a long way, I decided to try the short one out. Again, I made a variation that I am thinking others might find handy :) Not mention it worked!

Always a plus when experimenting....

Anyway :) As often happens when I am doing something new or a million things at once, I was missing a key tool for the olive oil. Since I was planning to serve this oil to a lot of people I didn't want all the little chunks of herbs still in it, so I really needed a strainer of some kind. Another piece of the puzzle was that I wasn't using my own kitchen, since I was living with my parents and they were in between places themselves. So there we were, my mom and I, in a bachelor's kitchen with only a few of our familiar cooking tools and a need for a very fine strainer.

My first thought, I admit, was to try some paper towels and a funnel. I really don't recommend it. Instead, you should do what my genius mother though to do! Grab the french press!

Yeah, she is pretty amazing. If you ever need to know where I get my Macgyver-esque creativity, this is the parent to look at. This thing really rocked AND it was easy to clean. If you're a big geeky coffee purist (like our friend David...Hi David!) and cannot stand the possible infection of herbs in your coffee ( moment of truth: I don't blame you) then scourer the thrift stores for an extra. That's where we got ours (Thanks Goodwill!) Man, I love parentheses....


  1. Dagnabbit! I was following you with my google account (which I never check) so I didn't know you had actually started writing! Following via blogger now. :)
    I love this trick.

  2. ha! thanks! Its ok, i figure i shoudl bulk up a bit before telling anyone about them :) oh and i got even more confusing and made two blogs. I know :P but they were such different topics i kind of had to.


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