Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fabric Wedding Flowers

This was another wedding craft that came about with the wedding. I actually got a LOT of great reviews on them, I cannot tell you how many guests told me that they couldn't even tell they were fabric! That was so cool :) So if you are looking to save some money on flowers or just love that vintage handmade look, I recommend it. 

Now, surprisingly, though I found pictures of the roses the way I wanted them I could not for the life of me find a tutorial for them. SO me and Ma improvised. Are you seeing a trend here? Yeah, she's pretty awesome for just giving things a go, we can make a good team most of the time. 

These are the pictures we started out with. I thought I got these off etsy but I gave it another look and I can't find them for sale on there anywhere. So I completely apologize in advance for not being able to give the original creators their proper attribution. I am going to keep looking though, hopefully I can find them again. They are just amazing though, right? And mine didn't quite come out as good but they still looked awesome. *UPDATE! I found them! see it might take a few months but I am as good as my word: Looks like they don't care them any longer though. Sad :(
Fabric Shopping  was probably my favorite part, I spent HOURS looking at all the yellow fabric. I actually did a good amount of shopping on Etsy. I went all out with mixing up the shades of yellow and the textures of the fabric. 

For the stems I used the bamboo sticks they sell at craft stores as fillers for vases. We wanted something wide enough to attach the base of the flower head to it. Plus it has a nice light green tint to it, which went well with the blue and yellow shades of the wedding.

When the fabric came in, mom went to work making it into strips. She then folded the strips in half , did a sort of triangle fold and started winding from the middle. She then hand stitched the base to keep it all in place. She used screws to help keep the flower heads attached to the stems and quite a bit of glue. She is all about the hot glue but I am not a fan. I found this fabric glue that was just as amazing yet didn't give me six thumb blisters in one day and I was hooked. (Still trying to convert Ma though...)

Here is the end result: 
All the roses bunched together
The Bridesmaid Bouquets
Bridal Bouquet

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  1. I loved, LOVED! your flowers. I think I noticed the boutonnières, but then it took me a while to realize the bouquets were also fabric. I also love the the picture you used for your bouquet (not that I'm biased,at all)


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