Monday, July 9, 2012

Garden Grow: Watering With Wine Bottles

You probably noticed the wine bottles in my last post and are wondering what the heck those are there for. Well I saw the idea on pinterest, which led me to this site that talks about using a wine bottle for water plants. Simple and rather ingenius. It is so dry here and I have loads of wine bottles not being used. There is no quick way to recycle them around here so this method turned out to be a great use for them AND it worked! I still water once a day but if I notice a plant needing a little help or if one is naturally more thirsty, this helps keep the balance. It keeps my plants pretty happy. All I did was fill the bottle with water and then plunge it into the dirt, it stayed up just fine on it's own. I thought it might look trashy with all those wine bottles but wine bottles seem to be intrinsically classy lend a fun touch to the box. 

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