Friday, September 16, 2011

Moment in Time: Upcycled Necklace


I am having trouble getting my pictures of my centerpiece to cooperate, so I decided to do this blog instead (yay! I still win!) As I was getting the centerpiece stuff together I had a random idea come to me (am I the only one that seems to get three ideas at once when doing projects? when it rains it pours...) and here is the fruit of it:

Fun, yeah? I got a lot of compliments on it (and then, since my friend Ashley keeps telling everyone "how creative" I am */blush* the next question was "did you make that?" ha!)  So this is what I did (oh and sorry about the pictures! My adrenaline was kinda pumping because I was trying to get everything done in time and my hands were shaky :-P no joke. I guess i need to make a tripod or something...)

This is a random piece of leather with a snap that used to hold a price tag to some shirt I bought FOREVER ago. I kept it and now I FINALLY found something to make out of it! Woot. 

Oooo look see how I backtracked and added another little gear doo dad? Yeah the glue hadn't dried yet, i thought it looked better, ta da. 

Eewwwww that filter makes my skin look all flaky! hahahahaha! oh well :) 

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