Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What to do with that birdcage....


I am showing the end product! I never do that really...anyway. I had this birdcage, just the birdcage, from my wedding. We used it for gift cards. Now, i don't really get gift cards en masse, as you can imagine, so the cage needed a new look. While it pretty much involved shoving different items into the cage in a pretty way, I wanted some height to it as well. So I picked up one of these green foam ball things: 

I measured a hole in the top and carved it out so that i could nest something into it.

Then I used glue to stick moss all over the ball.
 Now since I was planning to hang this, i made sure the bottom had moss too. The moss added to the dimensions a bit so i really had to stuff the thing in, make sure you think ahead on that, unlike myself :). Cute huh? and really easy too. Once the moss ball is in there, just nestle a few decor items in the sides and on top (flowers, ribbon, necklaces, vase, an old clock face, a framed quote, etc.) and TA DA!

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  1. It looks great! That's a good idea to use a foam ball to get some height. I bought a similar bird cage just today, thanks so much for the ideas. :)


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