Saturday, May 21, 2011

Overhaul the Overall

How fun is this?! My aunt got these at some yard sale and gave them to me for the play, but then the costumer said i didn't need them. What to do? This involved no sewing, because I have no sewing machine right now. SO I used Fabri-Tac. This glue is quickly turning into some of my favorite glue EVER. I discovered it while getting all those crafts done for my wedding as I was desperately looking for an alternative to the danged glue gun (sorry, glue gun, but you burn my fingers and when I am doing 30+ flowers, the blisters on the thumb get a little old...).

This is the original look of the overalls. Now.... It's not that I have anything against the flag but I like something a little more versatile. I would like to wear these more often than a handful of patriotic holidays. Hope this doesn't offend anyone. But I decided to cover it.

I grabbed an old shirt and some jean legs for some texture and shade differentiation, but versatility was the goal so I didn't want to stray much from the "jean blue." Loved the ratty edges too!

I cut the hems off, so i could use the texture and ratty look.  I cut the hems in half, which was enough length to cover the flag.

You can barely see it, but I drew a heart with blue pen on the jean and cut it out.

Frayed the edges a little.

Cut out a circle from a different park of the leg, a smaller circle from the blue shirt, and then a frayed bit to top it all off.

The shirt had a tie on it that i cut off and glued in a more whimsical way across the very linear hems covering the flag.

I cut out some leaves to go with my flower and glued those down next.

Then came the flower.

And the look was complete! The whole thing took me two hours, but I was also watching a movie with my hubby while i made it so it's not like I was super focused or always working on it :)

He says it's very me :) and I have to agree! Definitely a winner and i can't wait to wear them in the garden.

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  1. I'm glad we found each other. You have mad repurposing skills!


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