Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The last Tuesday in Cali...

You know what comes out today? THIS:
Sid Meier's Civilization V
Yes, its been out but for the MAC which is what i have which means I don't have to ninja someone else's computer to play this with my husband. HUZZAH!

In retrospect...there should be a warning on this entry. *NERD ALERT*  or  *WARNING GEEK APPROACHING* something like that. Too late now, can't go back and edit ;) ha! sucker...

It's been a long week. Among other things, I have decided not to have a facebook account. This blog will now officially contain personal things not everyone will care about but my mom will. And mommies matter, dammit, way more than you random people. Meh, thats conjuecture. ugh! rambling! See? SEE?! I am ready for a break and, today, hopefully, that will actually happen. I will be productive today, don't get me wrong. But come this afternoon I will be entering a nirvana like state in the form of a video game involving simulated world domination and enjoying the mental lapse very, very much. 

I wonder if I can make a tasty treat to honor this day..... The boys really seem to like that Dragon's Breathe popcorn....NO NO I will make a popcorn worthy of Sid Meier's Civilization V. Just you wait :)


  1. last tuesday in Cali? as in moving away? May I be enlightened?

  2. oh no! we announced this 2 weeks ago. We're moving to Boise!

  3. I totally missed that somewhere along the way. I knew you were thinking about moving there, I didnt know it was happening. How exciting!

  4. It is! And stressful, really stressful :P lol


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