Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I defeat you vile Evil-Doer!!!

So....its what...9 am? And already I am making the world a safer place.

How's that you ask?

Well, I have this item on craigslist I am trying to sell and I got a hit, talked to this person all day yesterday. They wanted me to send this thing to ENGLAND. Um....ok. Did you know it's about $300 to send a ten pound box to Manchester? Me niether...but I do now! Anyway, I obviously wasn't going to send anything till i had money, the grand total should be $675 they asked for a pay pal email so they can pay me that way.


Today, I check my spam and low and behold I have five notifications from "Pay Pal." They were a pleasure to read, really, because they were so obviously written by someone too stupid to successfully pull off a least against me. I mean, obviously if i am just typing i* make mistakes (see?) but would pay pal in a professional message? Of course not.


I only wish you could see the way i would make this bleed red ink for all the horrible editorial mistakes it made... so I will use red highlighter instead :)  Have a looksi:

We hereby inform you that Mrs. Jane Phillips has successfully made the payment using Pay Pal.The payment  has been CONFIRMED. this is to inform you that the cash will clear soonest, we are currently working on your issue, note that Mrs. Jane Phillips has made the payment, but there is problem in your Pay Pal account. so we advice you to go on with the shipping for we are working on your account to enable the money reflect on your pay pal account. We hereby inform you that you can now ship out the item she paid for and you should also send us the Shipping Tracking Number and the estimated number of days of arrival of the shipment for verification purpose, to enable us process your account and make the money available, do note that your account will note be credited if Pay Pal do note receive the Shipping Tracking Number, immediately the details requested of you is received your account will be verified. After this, your account will be processed within 48 - 72 hours of  Shipment and the fund will reflect in ( )

Payment Details
Transaction ID: 6NP88926JC037322F
Item Name:

Total: $6755.00

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